The human world is an unnatural, scary place for horses. 


Prey animals would not normally let a predator climb up on their backs, let themselves be shut in a small space where they cannot run away or tolerate foreign objects that impede their senses.


We really do ask a lot of them!


It is our duty as their carers that we help them as much as possible to feel safe and comfortable in this weird place we ask them to call home. 


Habituation, counter conditioning and lots of positive reinforcement are just some of the ways you can help your horse see humans and their weird ways in a more positive light.


One of the ways I choose to build my horses' confidence is through horse agility. Horse agility is a super fun sport where you and your horse play with a series of obstacles made up of all sorts of items to test your communication and build confidence.


So the next time your horse doesn't want to get in the trailer, doesn't want that fly mask or bridle strapped to their face or struggles to walk past that same wheelie bin they've walked past a hundred times but today is two inches to the left, remember how weird it all looks from their point of view.