The Ultimate Treeless Saddle

The Total Contact Saddle was designed to give the closest possible contact with the horse whilst keeping the security of stirrups. The minimalist design strips away unnecessary padding, tree, cantle and pommel to deliver direct communication between horse and rider. The rider can now really feel the horse – often for the first time – and, as importantly, the horse can feel the rider.

Discount available when ordered through me.


FRA Stockist

The pad I would recommend to use with the Total Contact Saddle is one that has three mesh inlays. These inlays have been specifically designed for treeless saddles to spread the riders weight and absorb shock, perfect for the TCS.

I am a stockist of FRA products and I personally use their very soft Merino wool lined treeless pad with front opening pockets and three mesh inlays with my TCS. 

The pad come in 3 different sizes and the details are available in their online catalogue.

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