'Eddie went to stay with Sadie for 3 weeks and has come home looking and feeling great. He is so much calmer and responsive when handled.'

Sally Marten

'Sadie has a natural chilled out presence that my horse loves! We've been having lessons for just over a month now, and my horse is doing fab. Its great to see him happily learning (he's proving to be quite the geek). Sadie's skills and knowledge base are awesome, constantly assessing and providing solutions to barriers we sometimes face. Wallace and I are always thrilled after a visit. We both highly recommend her!'

Georgie Hobson

'Sadie has been working with my boy for a month or so now. He has a number of issues which he has overcome due to Sadie's patience and commitment and I can see the difference. Not only does she work with the horses but also the owners. Fantastic, I would recommend Sadie to anyone who is having issues or just a youngster that needs a good start in life.'

Tina Oakley

'Sadie has been working with me and my young Quarter horse x Appaloosa mare since June. She has been patient, consistent and reliable and Ruby has been taken to being ridden calmly due to that quiet approach. I am happy to recommend Sadie as professional and easy to work with for horse and rider.'

Elaine Walker

'Sadie has been working with Bertie every week or two for a couple of months now and his progress has been superb. he's 7 years old, with an unknown background, has not been in work for at least a couple of years and is a little unsure of a lot of things. Initially I was looking to send Bertie away for backing/re-starting, but after having Sadie round to work with our other pony we realised there was an alternative to some of the more traditional, sometimes heavy handed, methods.Sadie spent time getting Bertie used to things on the ground, building his confidence before we went further to ensure he'd be a happy more confident pony when ridden. She does things at the pace of the horse or pony, and tailors her training to the individual.i'd highly recommend Sadie if you're looking to bring on, back or re-start your horse or pony, (she's small enough to back my 12h pony too!). She provides and individual service in your own home (where you will learn as much as your horse does) or a more intensive livery training service at her stunning farm. Whichever you decide you can be assured Sadie will provide a friendly, knowledgeable service and you'll be going back to her for advice and education for years to come!'

Georgette Kluiters

'Thank you Sadie! Had the greatest play with Regalo, I feel like there's been a huge transformation already. I now feel like i know what I'm doing again and those hindquarter yields are really coming on! Thank you for helping me understand my gorgeous little man!'

Suzie D'Ambrosio

' Sadie has had our youngster for 6 weeks for backing. She is very special to us as we reared her from 12 weeks old and i dont trust many people with her but Sadie has bee a god send. Such a lovely person, so patient and kind and would definitely recommend her for starting youngsters. i thank you again Sadie for making Jean's transition to a riding horse as a relaxed and pleasurable time. Have no hesitation in recommending you, we will see you again next year Sadie with another youngster. we wish you all the best for future ventures.'

Michelle Gerrard

'Deus went to Sadie for starting and backing. Very pleased with his progress, walking, trotting in a calm manner, even going over a small jump, in just 4 weeks. Looking forward to progressing him now he has had all the groundwork and basics done. Sadie is lovely with the horses and keeps you informed on their progress. Thanks Sadie, will let you know how Deus gets on.'

Sue Brewer

'If anyone out there wants a completely non-confrontational trainer call Sadie. She is excellent with the horses and good with humans too!'

Lynda Tudor

'Sadie is amazing! My little Flicker, the pony of my daughters dreams, spent a week with Sadie o bring her ridden work to a level where a confident 4 year old could have a lesson on her. The work that was put in over such a relatively short period of time was well worth the stay for the pony. I am very pleased and plan to send a more challenging cob to see her very soon.'

Julia Ede

'Sadie came to the sanctuary I volunteer at and I was lucky enough to watch her work with some of our horses and ponies. She has a way of working with the horses that they seem to understand and appreciate that she is trying to help them get over their issues and help them through to becomes well rounded, safer, happier animals.Sadie has helped me with my own horse and shared and taught me so much. She has a fabulous way with horses but she also has an ability to explain things so as the owner, you can put int practise what she has shown or taught.Sadie has proven with her own horse that she has the ability to get to a high standard of horsemanship.I have witnessed her working with horses with deep seated issues and helped them improve confidence or deal with specific issues.I would recommend Sadie to anyone who needs a teacher, a mentor and a support while you learn to build that all important relationship with your horse.'

Laura Cohen-Smith