-The top of the EDIX universal pad is made of a very strong cotton step fabric and has a shaped wither notch for the horses comfort.


-The inside of the pad is lined with synthetic fur and has 2 large pockets for inlays and comes as standard with poly press inlays for spine freedom, we recommend the 3 mesh inlays for increased pressure distribution and shock absorption.


-Both sides of the pad feature a lockable bag.


-Available in assorted colours


-Sizes S, M and L.

-Small recommended for treeless saddles under 16″ or treed saddles under 18″

-Medium recommended for treeless saddles 16.5″- 18″ or treed saddles over 18″

-Large recommended for treeless saddles 18″- 19″

EDIX Uni Synthetic Treeless 2 Pocket Foam Pad