The use of strong quality Nubuck leather makes the EDIX® Tequiro treeless Western saddle a very solid with a sturdier look compared to  its little brother, the EDIX® Tiamo model.



-Tequiro saddle

-Tequiro fenders

-Tequiro western stirrups



- The cantle is made of the soft material high density foam and the fibreglass pommel is interchangeable and therefore adaptable for a high or low withers. They each link the left and right part of the saddle and together they offer stability to the saddle and freedom of movement for the horses spine.


- The triangular connection of the circle y-girthing allows the girth force to interact across a larger area of the saddle, as the connections are fastened at the front and the back of the saddle, as opposed to in the middle. The position of the girth itself can also be altered forwards or backwards. 


- By replacing one of the foam layers in the specific EDIX® MPDS structure, through a 14mm felt, the Tequiro has its own individual structure and therefore the Tequiro is also very suitable for the heavier rider.


Available in brown and black

Sizes: small, medium and large.


EDIX recommends purchasing a treeless saddle as a complete package, including stirrups, stirrup leathers and a matching saddle pad with inlays. In order to ensure constant firm fixation, we recommend a fully or partly elastic girth for a consistently fixed position. A durable elasticity tailored to your horse’s strength, which will save your saddle from undesirable forces that are caused by the varying abdominal circumference of your horse while riding. The elastic of the girth always adjusts itself in length and has the possibility to keep the saddle in place with constant tension. Besides the EDIX anatomical soft leather padded elastic girth we also offer the fully elastic girth of F.R.A.

EDIX Tequiro Treeless Saddle COMPLETE SET