The best way to see if a saddle suits yourself and your horse is to try it.


You are able to trial the EDIX Courville along with the EDIX pommels and an EDIX Courville saddle pad with inlays, to test fit and suitability of the saddle for you and your horse. This trial will also come with fitting support.


You can include either western or english leathers and stirrups when trialling this saddle.


The trial costs £70 which covers fully insured delivery and return of the saddle via dpd courier, please check you have a dpd drop shop in your area to enable return of the saddle. You must return the saddle in its orginal packaging to ensure safe return.  A deposit for the saddle of £300 is required which will be refunded once the saddle has been safely returned in its original condition. Any damage to the saddle will incur a charge. The saddle must be clean and dry when you package it to return.


You are able to trial the saddle for up to 14 days. Return postage will be booked for but you will need to print the label or drop the saddle at a dpd drop shop that offers a label printing service. Please check your local dpd services before booking this trial. If the saddle is not returned promptly you may incur a charge.