-This pad is cut in the same way as the Courville treeless saddle, but is also suitable for other treeless saddles.
-Made from quilted cotton, with an underside of high-quality 30mm Merino wool.
-On both sides of the spine there are 2 large pockets underneath and 3 small pockets on the top for inlays which are velcro closure. The pad is supplied as standard with felt inserts but for maximum weight distribution and shock absorbing we recommend the EDIX 3 mesh inlays. 
-Includes foam inlays to adjust the saddles balance as needed.
-Saddle position can be improve through the use of inlays in the 6 smaller pockets on top of the pad.
-Where the rider’s leg rubs while riding, a nylon reinforcement is provided to prevent wear.
-All EDIX Merino pads have a shaved canal along the centre to provide spine clearance and reduce pressure points.
-The natural fibres of the wool wick any perspiration to the outside of the pad
-This pad comes fitted with velcro straps to attached the pad to the saddle.
-Machine washable
-Available in assorted colours.
-Sizes S, M and L

EDIX Courville GP 8 Pocket Pad