A very practical lightweight, all round saddle made of high-quality synthetic materials. 



-Vika saddle

-Tequiro fenders

-Tequiro stirrups


-100% sythetic materials are used to make this saddle making it vegan friendly. 


-The EDIX® Vika is the synthetic version of the FRA® Courville.


-The cantle is made of soft, high density foam and fibreglass pommel is interchangeable and therefore adaptable for a high or low withers. Both connect the left and right half of the saddle and together offer stability to the saddle and  freedom of movement for the horses spine.


-The EDIX® Vika can be combined with the EDIX® saddlebags and breastplate.


Available in black or brown

Size: child, small, medium and large (see diagram)


An EDIX® treeless saddle offers your horse optimum pressure distribution using the special layers of flexible materials: EDIX® MPDS, multiple pressure distribution system (see drawing). These soft, flexible layers adapt to the anatomy of the horse, as well as the rider’s posture. An EDIX® treeless saddle optimally reacts to the movements of the horse. Partly due to this, the rider learns to adapt to the horse’s movements and, as such, develops an independent position. As a result, the movements of the horse and rider become one, and from there, excellent communication is created. Because the horse is moving much more freely, it has the possibility to develop optimally, which is often shown by an increase in muscle mass. Due to the above and after the habituation period, both horse and rider, show in all aspect of horse riding more relaxation and a more fluid movement.

EDIX Vika Treeless Saddle COMPLETE SET

Pommel Size
Saddle Size
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