A beautifully fine finished anatomically shaped western style bareback pad made from a quality brushed cowhide leather.



-Broncho western saddle

-Tiamo western fenders

-Tiamo western stirrups



-Merino wool lined pad with 3 mesh inlays.

-Matching fenders

-Matching stirrups


-This bareback pad is the ideal choice for riders who struggle to choose between a bareback or a treeless saddle. The EDIX® Amazone has the best features of both, it equals the comfort of a saddle and the flexibility and lightness of a bareback pad.


-This bareback pad has a pressure distributing structure of high quality flexibele materials (see diagram), which ensures even distribution for the riders weight.


This pad comes with an Off-Billet and Tie strap for comfort of the Western rider. For even more user-friendliness, one can also opt to equip the bareback pad with an Off-billet on both sides.


- The hand-formed soft pommel at the front and the soft cantle at the back of the seat gives the rider a feeling of comfort and support.


-The underside of the top of the saddle pad, where the rider’s leg rubs against the pad
is reinforced with strong nylon to reduce wear. The underside of the saddle pad is finished with 30 mm thick Merino® sheepskin. The separate inlay pockets to the left and the right of the pad create freedom of movement for the spine.


Available in brown and black

Sizes medium and large.


EDIX recommends purchasing a treeless saddle as a complete package, including stirrups, stirrup leathers and a matching saddle pad with inlays. In order to ensure constant firm fixation, we recommend a fully or partly elastic girth for a consistently fixed position. A durable elasticity tailored to your horse’s strength, which will save your saddle from undesirable forces that are caused by the varying abdominal circumference of your horse while riding. The elastic of the girth always adjusts itself in length and has the possibility to keep the saddle in place with constant tension. Besides the EDIX anatomical soft leather padded elastic girth we also offer the fully elastic girth of F.R.A.

EDIX Broncho Western Treeless Saddle COMPLETE SET