The EDIX® Alydar is called a soft tree saddle because the saddle is more structured than many other treeless saddles.


-Built up of different flexible soft shock absorbing layers and synthetic wool filled panels, which fully adapt to the horse’s anatomy and riders’ posture.


-The soft tree saddles offer the rider a narrower and more balanced seat while still offering spinal clearnece for the horse. The front gussets have a stabilizing built-in strap and are specially stitched for an extremely stable saddle position.


- The exchangable gullet system allows you to alter the saddle as your horse changes shape. The refillable panels also enable you to adapt the saddle to your horse.


The EDIX® Alydar is available in brown or black leather and in the sizes 17, 17.5 and 18 inch.


EDIX recommends purchasing a treeless saddle as a complete package, including stirrups, stirrup leathers and a matching saddle pad with inlays. In order to ensure constant firm fixation, we recommend a fully or partly elastic girth for a consistently fixed position. A durable elasticity tailored to your horse’s strength, which will save your saddle from undesirable forces that are caused by the varying abdominal circumference of your horse while riding. The elastic of the girth always adjusts itself in length and has the possibility to keep the saddle in place with constant tension. Besides the EDIX anatomical soft leather padded elastic girth we also offer the fully elastic girth of F.R.A.

EDIX Alydar Treeless Saddle