- Quilted cotton, anatomically shaped pad lined with high quality 30mm Merino fur that is comfortable enough to use directly on your horses back. The cutback at the withers provides freedom for the horse.
- Shaved spinal canal to reduce pressure points and to provide optimal protection for your horse’s spine.
- Natural fibers effectively distribute the perspiration to the outside of the pad.
- 2 long pockets underneath the pad on either side and 3 small pockets on the top with velcro closure for inserts, comes with felt inlays as standard. These pockets can be used to improve the position of the saddle or for additional pressure distribution.
-Includes foam inlays to adjust the saddles balance as needed.
- The pad is shaped for a roundskirt western saddle design.
-Quilted double stitched step fabric.
-The abrasive part is reinforced with nylon.
-Machine washable.
-Assorted colours available

EDIX 8 Pocket Round Skirted Pad