-Anatomically shaped half pad made with 30mm Merino sheepskin lining.


-It comes with 2 large pocket on the underside and 6 small pockets along the top where inlays can be used. Felt inlays come with the pad but we recommend the EDIX 3 mesh inlays. Pockets are velcro closure.


-Wool is naturally antibacterial, therapeutic, regulates heat and moisture, improves pressure distribution and prevents abrasion.


-The 6 top inlay pockets can have inlays put in to improve a balanced position of the saddle or for additional pressure distribution.


-This pad has a canal shaved into the Merino wool along the spine to provide optimal protection for your horse’s spine.


-The natural wool fibres wick sweat to the edges of the pad.


-The front of the pad is cutback to provide wither freedom.


-Machine washable.


-Colours available: black and brown.



-Small: Length 56cm

-Medium: Length 61cm

EDIX 8 Pocket Half Pad