• Standard Livery

    Every week
    • Full grass livery - Daily checks and all land management
    • Ad-lib year round forage
    • Basic care including basic grooming and rug changes prn
    • Basic first aid including sun cream and fly spray prn
    • Verm-x herbal wormer
    • £5 off standard lesson prices with Sadie
  • Premium Livery

    Every week
    • All of the Standard Livery benefits plus
    • Worm counts
    • Holding for the dentist
    • 1 annual dental check up - invoice for further treatment
    • Holding for EP
    • 1 EP trim every 2 months - invoice for further visits
    • Premium discount on workshops and clinics run by Sadie
  • Deluxe Livery

    Every week
    • All benefits of Standard and Premium Livery plus
    • 2x 1 hour training sessions for your horse per week
    • Deluxe discount on clinics and workshops run by Sadie

Please fill in an application form prior to your first payment to make sure there is a livery space available.

All horses will go through a standard quarantine period on arrival.

A one month notice period is required when leaving.