Whether your horse is young or old, experience or green, ridden or not, a partner you have had for a while or you are just starting your journey together, liberty is a great way to spend time doing something fun together.

Liberty is a great way of testing and developing the relationship and communication you have with your horse.

In this online workshop I will give you the steps to start from the very beginning at liberty with your horse.

-You will have a step by step task list with details of how to complete each task and some hints and tips.
-There will be a discussion section where you can ask questions on whatever task you are working on.
-You will be part of a group where you can chat with other students and share your experiences and support each other.

ONLY £14.99

This online workshop is currently only available on Facebook so you will need a Facebook account to access it.



How Horses Learn exclusively at the Equine Academy

This course contains 36 lessons packed with videos, guides and cheat sheets to help you re-discover communication and learning with your equines.

Learn about:
-Setting your horse up to be ready to learn,
-Equine behaviour and psychology,
-Learning theory,
-Applying the theory to your sessions with your horse.

Use the code EATP5 to receive a 5% discount on this course 

Go to the Equine Academy page for all the details

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