Not today thanks

Have you ever turned up to your horse's field full of ideas of what you were going to do together, and they have turned their butt to you and promptly walked away? 


Imagine you had made weekend plans to just chill and your super enthusiastic friend turns up full of energetic plans that leave you with a grimace. Hmm.


Just because you had plans with your horse does not mean they had plans with you. They were happily going about their day on their schedule before you turned up. Now, all of a sudden you are demanding their attention, effort and energy, and you ask, "Why the long face?"


Try turning up and see how your horse is feeling. Are they strutting about the field or are they snoozing? Check out what kind of face they give you and make adjustments accordingly. I'm not saying abandon all plans you made - just alter your pace to suit you horse and make compromises. When you make this effort for them, you may be surprised with what effort they will give you in return. They will certainly be a lot happier that you turned up!