Beech Trees brings together the principles of sustainable land management and natural equine living. I believe that horses should be kept as close to what is natural to them as possible whilst working in harmony with the land they call home, which is why I run an equicentral/track hybrid management system.

Beech Trees is based on a working farm in North Wales where the horses are use to seeing tractors, sheep, cows, quad bikes and working dogs herding (which the horses seem to find very entertaining!).

All the horses living with me have:

  • 24/7 year round turn out including a large area of hard standing through the winter, 

  • live in a mixed gender herd,

  • ad-lib access to horse friendly grass or suitable forage,

  • live in paddocks large enough and interesting enough that they can stretch their legs, play and browse, which helps keep them fit, health and happy.

Horses have an enriching environment here at Beech Trees. There are woodland tracks, hedges, hills and large paddocks which are rotated regularly. I add further enrichment by providing the ponies access to essential oil water, salt licks, logs and tree branches.

This is a barefoot only yard so although I am happy to have horses who are transitioning to barefoot come to me, the horse must have all of its shoes removed before it is introduced into the herd for their safety.

To keep herd disruption to a minimum and allow the horses time to settle into their new home, the shortest time I accept a horse staying with me is 2 months.

As a livery you will benefit from off road riding if you want to stay in a safely contained space which includes use of a large agility field with plenty of obstacles and jumps to choose from. 

Local hacking is a short trailer ride away, as is the beach and an excellent indoor school which is available to hire.