Bitless Bridle Consultation

Need help selecting the most suitable bitless bridle for your horse?

Not sure that your bitless bridle is fitted correctly?


Book a bitless bridle consultation with me and I will talk you through your options.


Transitioning From Bitted to Bitless

Any horse can be ridden in a bitless bridle.


Good preparation and on-going support will make it a safe, successful and enjoyable transition.

Book a consultation with me to get started.

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Bridleless Transitioning

​Want to ride bridleless but dont know where to start?

Transitioning consultation will cover topics such as:

  • Cordeo selection including choosing a style that works for you and your horse, anatomy and fitting.

  • Safety and Preparation.

  • Riding basically bridleless.

  • Transitioning fully to bridleless from the very beginning.

Coming Soon



More details coming soon...