By Phillippa Christie and Sadie Beech

Whether you wish to learn about bitless or bridleless, this fully illustrated book will guide you through the theory, training principals and information you need to get started.

Chapters include:

  • Equine Anatomy

  • Bridle Fitting

  • Cordeos & Bitless Bridles

  • Assessment Guide

  • Learning Theory

  • Transitioning to Bitless

  • Basically Bridleless Training

  • Transitioning to Bridleless


Bitless Bridle Assessment

Dont know which bitless bridle would best suit your horse?

Not sure that your bitless bridle is fitted correctly?


Book a bitless bridle assessment with me and I will talk you through the options.

Bitless Bridle Trial Consultation

Would you and your horse like to try riding in a Transcend or Orbitless bitless bridle before you commit to buying one?


You can in a consultation with me.

I can measure and fit your horse with a bridle which your horse can then wear for your lesson.


Standard lesson prices apply. The time it takes to measure and fit the bridle will be done within the lesson time.


Transitioning From Bitted to Bitless

Any horse can be ridden in a bitless bridle.


Good preparation and on-going support will make it a safe, successful and enjoyable transition.

Book a lesson with me to discuss taking your horse bitless.

Bridleless Transitioning

​Want to ride bridleless but dont know where to start?

Transitioning sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Cordeo selection including choosing a style that works for you and your horse, anatomy and fitting.

  • Safety and Preparation.

  • Riding basically bridleless.

  • Transitioning fully to bridleless from the very beginning.

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